Day 4 - Sugarbush Aerial Views

There were few clouds today, but in a view to the west over the Champlain Valley, this photo shows the Adirondacks with Wave Cloud over them. Lake Champlain is visible in the middle distance.

My major achievement of the day was to fly 20 nm north of Sugarbush to Stowe, VT and nearly to Mt. Mansfield. This photo is of the Mt. Mansfield Peaks. See the Day 4 tracks for the path

There were some very high Lenticular clouds present that day but were too high to reach without oxygen. This photo shows some over the Mad River Valley seen from north of Interstate 89. Briefly, that day the "Wave Window" above 18,000 feet was open that day and some sailplanes with oxygen reached 20,000 feet. This photo was taken at about 10,000 ft.

L.Bogan - Nov 2000
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