Day 4 - Sugarbush - Flight Tracks

Shown here is the track of my flight north toward Mt. Mansfield. The grid is 1' x 1' so that in the NS direction, they are 1 nautical mile is length while in the EW direction only about 0.7 nm. In this flight the GPS was very useful in locating the wave lift near Camel's Hump. The lift was used on the way north to gain height for the jump across the ridge gap at I-89. When no lift was found farther north, I returned to that lift by using its position as marked in my GPS. This enabled me to gain height and safely return to Sugarbush. See the barograph trace for this day.

This is a 3D view looking west of the track north of Sugarbush. It shows the increase in height as I flew by Camel's Hump both going north and south.

L.Bogan - Nov 2000
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