Day 5 - Sugarbush - Aerial Images

Day 5 had the shortest flight but one of the more interesting ones. The cloud deck had wave windows at the primary and secondary. Here we see the elongated window parallel to the west ridge running north-south. As far as the eye could see the the west there was no breaks in the clouds.

Here I was positioned back of the primary and could see the windows for both the primary and secondary. There was a gap in the clouds between the two over Sugarbush.

The primary window gradually closed over to the north as the wave weakened. This day there never was a danger of being caught above with not hole, because the secondary was wide open. The beauty of flying above white billowy clouds is magnificent.

Eventually a cold front moved down from the north and the wave weakened even more. In this photograph, you can see the clearing to the north in the area of Mt. Mansfield. As the clouds thin out the wave nature of the flow is very clear by their shape.

This final photo is of the remnant clouds over Sugarbush after the front had moved into the area. The clouds became more complicated during the changeover. Eventually, all wave lift was gone and we had to land by dropping below the cloud deck over Sugarbush and fly south to the airfield. Winds were light.

L.Bogan Nov 2000
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