Day 3 - Aerial Views and Wave Clouds

On this day, the first climb was on the secondary wave and this is a view to the West Ridge and the wave cloud in the primary wave. Note that the horizon is below the cloud meaning than I am below the cloud in the secondary at the time of the photograph. (approximately 6000 ft ASL)

This is another view of the cloud in the primary but after I had climbed above the secondary cloud. Note that the cloud is lower than the horizon. I am on my way to fly around the south end of the primary cloud to fly in the primary wave.

Here I am approaching the primary cloud but not too far above it.

The push forward through the sink on the downwind side of the primary wave caused a loss in height and in this view I am below and upwind of the primary cloud, climbing in wave lift. This view shows the large number of wave clouds generated that day by the ridges of the mountains in Vermont. There were only a few thermals that day and a a much lower level.

Flying above all the wave clouds gave wave flying a new dimension. In addition to adding beauty to the sky-scapes, the clouds themselves provided clear markers for the position of the wave.

With more confidence in flying in the area, I extended my flight farther from the Mad River Valley. Here I am west of the ridge almost to the flat area of the Champlain Valley. There are a couple of low ridges on the west side. In the distance, Lake Champlain is barely discernable in the haze. The small lake below is Winona Lake north of Bristol, VT. There is no wave lift over the Champlain Valley, so it is fun to used up the height gain by flying into the wind out over the Champlain Valley the turn around and swiftly fly downwind to the Mad River Valley. One only has to be sure to have enough height to cross the West Ridge.

L.Bogan - Nov 2000
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