Day 2 - Sugarbush - Flight

The winds aloft were not nearly as brisk as on Day 1 and were below glider speeds so to stay in the wave, I had to tack across the wave such that the component of my speed upwind matched that of the wind. The resultant 3D track is shown to the right. The glider path zig-zags up the wave. My initial climb after release from the tow plane is shown in green in the diagram. Later paths in the wave are shown in white.

This is my climb to my maximum height of the day, of 12,800 ft ASL.

This is my whole track for the day projected on a road map of the area. I flew in the secondary wave downwind and over the Roxbury area. After that, I went up wind again and flew in the primary but the primary had shift its position to be farther downwind of the West Ridge and over Rt 100.

L.Bogan - Nov 2000
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