Day 2 of Wave Flying at Sugarbush - Aerial Pictures

On this clear day from 10,000 feet the show on Mount Washington in New Hampshire was clearly seen.

To the north many more experience pilots flew to Mount Mansfield and beyond. One could see to the mountains on the Canadian Border.

Far to the east is the Adirondack as one looks over the Champlain Valley with Lake Champlain on the north. At the time Montreal Soaring Council was soaring at Lake Placid and we could hear their radio calls on 133.3 MHz.

To the south are the many ridges of the Green Mountains stretching off in the distance. In the foreground is the main "West Ridge" bounded by Mount Ellen on the north and Mount Abrahams on the South. South of this is a low section of the ridge called the "Lincoln Gap"

In this photograph the "East Ridge" is in the middle of the picture but does not appear very high from the height 8500 ft AGL. The Sugarbush-Warren Airport is in the lower left.

L.Bogan - Nov 2000
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