The Brooklyn Street Observatory
N 45° 05' 13.4"
W 64° 37' 19.9"
Altitude: 58 metres

Designed and Built by Larry Bogan - Aug/Sep 2006
Brooklyn Street, Cambridge Station, Nova Scotia
- 8 ft x 16 ft
- 4 ft walls
- roll-off roof

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Details of Digital Setting Circles on the 13" Newtonian

Views Inside

Here are the two telescopes in place. This view is from the door looking north. I have already made a temporary pier adapter for attaching the equatorial mount to the concrete pier. The height of the telescope had to be such that it can be swung sideways to be low enough so the roof will clear the telescope as it is rolled off. The Dobsonian is already low and could be raised about 8" to better see over the 4 ft walls. An equatorial drive platform could be added.
Here the Maksutov is rotated for clearance by the roof for rolling back over the observatory. The white in the background is the end of the roof. This photo also shows the temporary pier-to-tripodhead adapter in more detail. I hope to replace this with a sturdier and more functional adapter.
A diagram of the layout of the observatoryobservatory layout

Plans: Power is needed in the observatory to power lights, the clock drive and a computer (laptop). It will be low voltage, probably 12 VDC. If power is brought in, then a data line will be run through the same conduit to provide connection to a computer in the nearby building.

Specification Details

Type:Roll-off RoofRolls from south to north
Floor Area:8 ft x 16 ftraised wood floor on posts
Wall Height:4 ftStandard 2x4 stud walls
Orientation:Long axis North-SouthBuilt around existing concrete pier
Roof:metal roof sloped 6 in 124 ft truss spacing
Foundation:12 - 4 ft long railroad ties buried 3 ft6 supporting the floor
4 under the telescope platform
2 for the roof rails
Telescope Foundations:2 stations with 8 ft x 8 ft areaa concrete pier for an equatorial mount
a 2ft x 2ft pad independent of the floor
Telescopes:333 mm f/4.5 Newtonian
102 mm f/13 Maksutov-Cassegrain
Dobsonian Mount
Equatorial mount with clock drive
L.Bogan 29 Sep 2006
Proof read and revised 1 Oct 2006