Sugarbush VT 2013


York Pilots assembling their gliders for the first day of flying.

This year I joined York Soaring for seven days flying out of Warren Airport at the Sugarbush Soaring facilities. I flew in York's DG500 (C-GHQJ) for two flights and in their ASK21 (C-FYSK) for one. My first flght was the first flight of the day on Monday and we hit wave that took us to 12,700 ft. Others that day got to over 18,000 ft.  Everyone of the group enjoyed the great lift that day.

The next day was Wednesday when the thermals were everywhere and the cloud base was quite high for that time of year. We touched 5800 ft as our highest climb and were able to fly all around the Mad River Valley.

The final day of soaring was late starting because we had heavy cloud cover. Finally in the afternoon there was enough open sky to catch wave lift and climb. Richard Sawyer and I had the last flight of the day (and of the week) and climbed up through a hole in the cloud cover to just above cloud before having to come down due the threat of the hole closing.  We managed 7600 ft but earlier others climbed to 12,000 ft in more open skies.

Views and Information of the flights are on the following pages

Gallery of Participants in Soaring Sugarbush 2013

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Gallery of Sailplanes

There were five sailplanes from York Soaring trailered to Vermont for soaring - they were:

  • C-GHQJ (DG-500)
  • C-FYSK (ASK 21)
  • C-FTSI (mini Nimbus)
  • C-GKWY (Ka6e)
  • C-FFKQ (Kestrel)