In my hobby of soaring, I grew to love to look at clouds and cloudscapes.  When in the sailplane, I was able to fly under (and over) clouds and examine them in details. The type of cloud gave clues to the soaring conditions. Cumulus clouds are the thermal soaring pilot's favorite, expecially with flat bottoms and high tops. Lenticular clouds indicate wave action in the atmosphere, etc.  I could go on but I will just view the cloud scenes, I have imaged, in the image gallery below.

Clouds Images

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Cirrus Clouds

(the high thin clouds)

Cumulus Clouds

Clouds at Sunset

Status and Other Clouds

Fog Clouds High and Low

Lenticular Clouds and Wave Clouds

The wide open country side of Alberta gives a grand location for spectacular skies filled with clouds, lightning, and Aurora. See for example Alberta Skiez by Sean McCormick

Larry Bogan - July 2011