A Christmas Near Occultation - Venus and Jupiter , June 17, 2 BC

Probably one of the most impressive conjunctions with the two brightest planets passing each other in the sky. The full occultation only occured in the far southern hemisphere. In the middle east, the two planets were in contact at sunset (in the western sky). Venus passes Jupiter at about 2' arc per hour. The eye has a resolution of 1' arc so the two will appear as one only for a little more than 1 hour. Simulated View of the Conjunction The image below shows the two planets at conjunction as seen from 30 N (telescopic image). The highlighted areas of the map show where the conjuction is visible. The gray area is the only region where the Sun has set.

Right ascension: 08h43m19.021s
Declination: +19 26' 23.42"
Elongation from Sun 45.36 degrees (evening sky)
angular diameter32.4"25.5"
Distance from Earth6.07811278 AU0.65453358 AU
Distance from Sun5.41224 AU0.72610 AU