Feb 23, 1999 Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Larry Bogan

At sunset on the 23 of February, Venus will pass Jupiter in the sky. This year the two will come within 8' arc of each other. Unfortunately, here in Nova Scotia the closet approach occurs at 3:40 pm AST in the afternoon. By the time the Sun sets 2 hours later at 6 pm, Venus will have moved east of Jupiter by a few more minutes of arc.

The last close conjunction of these two bright planets, was on August 22 of 1992. In that case the closest approach was only 15' arc which took place after the two set at 9 pm ADT. We saw them when they were about a Moon's diameter apart (23' arc).

Animation of the close passage of Venus Past Jupiter
11:00 am AST to 7:30 pm AST - Feb 23, 1999
Animation at 30 minute steps (1 step per 1/10 second)
Time of closest approach = 3:40 pm AST Sunset 6:00 pm AST
Elongation from the Sun = 19.5 deg
Telescopic View (Field of View = 1/2 degree diameter)

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