2013 Year - Larry and Alison
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Snows of JanuaryAlamogoro and Sacramento MountainsA geocacheThe end of a small canyon in the Sacramento MountainsErosion channel in the desertLarry and Alison on a hike Canyon in the SacramentosDon and Jeannie Davidson with AlisonPetroglyph at Three RiversPicnicing at Three Rivers CampgroundTwo Tail Swallowtail ButterflyAlison and Larry lunching at Bosque del ApacheScene at Bosque del ApacheRio Grande River 2013Road across the Jornada del MuertoView of Alamogordo as approached along Scenic AvenueA fossil in the Sacramento MountainsWhite Sands dunes and Sierra Blanca in the backgroundSierra Blanca from over AlamogordoOver Sierra Blanca PeakComet Panstarr and the Moon at sunsetSunset in AlamogordoBlackwater Draw SignBlooming Redbud Tree and our MazdaMay flowers (Nova Scotia) or Trailing ArbutusLarry and grand-daughter, VictoriaFiddleheads of a fernPurple Trillium in BloomVictoria and grandmother, HalynaBoot Lake from CabinMoss growth in N.S. forestBaptism of VictoriaAchinecea FlowerFrittilary butterfly on AchineceaCape Blomidon from across the Minas BasinGreat Blue HeronsVictoria at 4 monthsShell Camp Lake lunch siteShell Camp LakeGiant PumpkinSugarbush SoaringView of Vermont from the airLarry and his TrikeMercury, Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky - SummerTrees of the Woods on our property