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Wilkes-Barre PA

Wilkes-Barre PA

Posted: 02/08/15

2015 NS to NM

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Going south on I-81 starting near Scranton, PA, there was still snow present but it grew less and less. The roads were excellent and the clear, blue skies stayed with us all day. It was a relief to get to temperatures above zero C as we crossed the border into Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. We took a brief detour along a two lane road in Pennsylvania near Harrisburg. A delightful road through forested area, no development and good road. We were able to make almost as good time as on the interstate highway. It certainly was more interesting.


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Our Mazda ready to leave Pennsylvania I-84Wilkes-Barre PAThe Mazda parked in the Shendoah Valley of VirginiaHills of western Virginia along I-81